An exceptional growth

Thanks to the technology and expertise of the Depil Tech franchise, we have fully satisfied customers, and growing demand from franchisees who want to join the network.

Sustained yet controlled growth underpins the consistent and homogenous network in France.

Over 30% of franchisees opened a second center in the second year of activity. Others, convinced by the profitability and mutualization opportunities, decided to open new Depil Tech centers in later years.

The loyalty rate of franchisees is a sign of the market’s strength, allowing for a robust and integrated network.

Thanks to the legitimacy and reputation of the Depil Tech brand, it now attracts powerful investors looking for sustained and secure growth.

The proven credibility of the brand in the market also ensures its growth internationally, where the expertise and know-how that differentiate Depil Tech are in demand.

Market demand, particularly in the field of hair removal, is high. Today, there is still much to do, given that only 5% of the market has been reached, and many clients are waiting for a Depil Tech center to open near them.

Galaxy machine permanent hair removal, an IPL machine patented and exclusive to Dépil Tech

Technology and Innovation

The use of new technologies along with something that goes beyond hair removal is the concept strength which also answers to a big change in consumer behavior.

We use the latest innovations in pulsed light.

98% of our clients have a definitive result in 6 sessions. Our IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) machines are designed and manufactured in France to ensure safety and performance. They are designed and manufactured by the world no. 1 pulsed light company.

Information and digital technologies are key at Depil Tech. They are the vertically integrated tools used for daily operations, as well as for the financial optimization of a profit center.

Galaxy machine permanent hair removal, an IPL machine patented and exclusive to Dépil Tech

Exclusivity and Uniqueness

The three strategic pillars of the Depil Tech franchise are our expertise in the field of pulsed light, our technology and our know-how. Our IPL machines are patented and exclusive to the Depil Tech network. An exclusivity agreement with the manufacturer guarantees the concept’s strength, and a high entry cost for potential competitors.

Innovation is the engine of the franchise. As the pioneer in the market, we feed and protect our uniqueness, and are constantly seeking advanced technologies to improve global performance. This is particularly appreciated by our franchisees and loyal customers.

Dépil Tech training room

Expertise: Outstanding professionalism

Depil Tech is the specialist in IPL, and offer two main product lines: hair removal and skin care, particularly anti-aging skin care.

Our practitioners learn the brand professional expertise and know-how at a four-week training course, validated by Depil Tech trainers and a medical consultant. The course is held through the specialized school located in the franchise headquarters.

This real high tech hub allows the brand to provide an education that combines the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to manage a center and its economic performance. The long-standing objective of this training course is to achieve the center’s long-term sustainability through client satisfaction and service quality.

A Dépil Tech center

A booming concept: Turn-key projects

A franchisee comes to a franchiser for the comprehensive assistance provided while setting up a business and the support that allows them to establish a store in a simple, risk-free way.

Depil Tech meets these requirements perfectly, and goes beyond that by providing ongoing added value for the franchisees.

Administrative support, assistance for bank loan requests, choosing premises selection, the concept of the center layout in its setting, project management, monitoring throughout the project, assistance with recruitment, initial and further training, technical assistance, 360° marketing support and sales promotion are all part of the global ‘turn-key’ package offered by Depil Tech. This vision of the franchise, paired with exceptional profitability, is what makes the Depil Tech approach stand out from other franchises.

Hair removal : leads generation from web marketing

Web and digital: Making our customers the focus of our business

More than 40% of our clients have found us and have come to our centers through an internet search. This performance is linked to our unique ‘drive-to-store’ web marketing technique: we plan highly efficient geo-targeted campaigns to find qualified leads and a guaranteed return on investment. This competitive advantage ensures the constant flow of people to our centers.

We provide visibility, search engine accessibility, social networks, related web sites as well as internet press.

Sébastien Chabal, ambassador of Dépil Tech

Marketing and Communication:
a strong image and a disruptive strategy

The strength of Depil Tech is also found in an active and disruptive marketing strategy that allows the brand to shine and be immediately recognizable. The contract signed with the face of our brand, former French rugby player Sébastien Chabal, greatly contributes to strengthening brand awareness, and the upmarket and distinctive image of the brand.

The franchise builds and provides many powerful multi-channel communication tools to support centers on the Marketing and Communication value chain, and help them in their development.