• Step 1

    Contracting and implementation

    Franchising is a method of marketing and partnership between two parties (franchisee and franchiser) based on a formal contract that is recognized worldwide. The franchiser is required to fulfill certain obligations regarding the communication of information. Similarly, the franchisee who wants to be part of the franchise network and thereby enjoy the benefits it brings, must take the first step by committing to the franchise contract.
    Once the pre-contractual document and the contract have been approved, the franchisee is supported in the search for premises and during negotiations with financial partners for securing a loan.

  • Step 2

    Specifications for premises, ordering equipment, recruitment, training

    The franchiser’s center design office carries out the layout specifications and works outlined in the technical, administrative and financial documents. After validation by the franchisee of the entrepreneur partner who will undertake the works, construction is begun under the management of the franchise’s center design office.
    Works typically take between five and seven weeks. During this minimum period, the franchise assists the franchisee with ordering equipment, recruitment, training and all other tasks necessary to ensure effective deployment and smooth running. The four-week training course takes place at the franchise headquarters.
    Once these tasks have been completed, the project is approved by the center design office, and the opening of the center is officially possible.

  • Step 3

    Opening and operational development

    During the opening week, a team member will be present to provide support. Press and customer acquisition campaigns will be launched to enhance visibility and gain clients.
    The franchisee is given constant support throughout their partnership with Depil Tech, and receives regular visits from the network manager as well as permanent and global support from the franchise headquarters.
    By becoming part of the franchise network, they become a key stakeholder, as do all franchisees.