A unique and innovative franchise concept

Finally something different from the rest of the market that really works!

Many people have tried hair removal using over-the-counter devices, or those sold by institutes, chains or dermatologists. The results are often disappointing, both in terms of financial sacrifice and the pain, which can be unbearable.
Customers agree that Depil Tech’s definitive solution offers a unique client experience, as well as excellent results and services.
High-performing machines with the latest technological advances, ongoing research and development by researchers and doctors, safe and customized protocols, and, above all, the expertise acquired through years of experience and the perspective acquired over time, all attest to the quality and success of the Depil Tech network.

I got only one wrinkle and i'm sitting on it

Our customers: our best advertisement!

One in three customers at a Depil Tech center comes through the recommendation of another customer, and this trend is increasing daily.
Depil Tech enjoys a high customer satisfaction rate, which is directly linked to the effectiveness of our protocols and their positive results.
Our franchisees benefit from experience fast growing ramp-up from opening, and linear growth directly correlated to the fact that our customers are the best advertisement for our brand. We capitalize on our unique expertise, which drives growth.
Being franchised with Depil Tech means having the luxury of being recognized, recommendations, and the added value of a good return for no extra cost except passion for the job.

An information appointment introducing the concept, the technology and the treatment

The expertise of the Depil Tech franchise: outstanding knowledge transfert to franchisee partners

Why should a franchisee choose Depil Tech over another franchise?
The main reason is the strength of the concept, and the franchise’s capacity for transmitting and sharing this catalyst for professional, personal and economic growth.
Franchisees want an opportunity which gives them an immediate return without having to spend years in uncertainty, and the chance to be their own boss and to shape their futures while still enjoying the convenience of supervision and support, as well as managing risk.
Whether you are an entrepreneur looking for a new professional challenge, an investor, or simply ambitious, Depil Tech will give you access to a market with great potential that is constantly developing.