Clermont-Ferrand and Vichy franchisee

Testimonial of Sandra Ferreira, Clermont-Ferrand & Vichy Franchisee

I was looking for an innovative franchise with few competitors. I found Depil Tech by chance while looking through franchise websites. I was not in the beauty profession and knew nothing about it.
The concept appealed to me immediately. I loved the website and I found it new and original. So I contacted the franchise and was very impressed from the outset. I was given a professional welcome, a precise explanation of the concept, and exceptional support throughout the implementation phase.
I had the same experience after opening the center, which is remarkable and unusual, because the profitability is rapid and ongoing.

Bruxelles franchisee

Testimonial of Nicolas André and Emmanuel Chevrier, Brussels Franchisees

We liked the high-end aspect of the concept, the fact that it was based on new technologies, and the promising profitability in particular, which is reassuring when starting a franchise for the first time.
Depil Tech combines all the ingredients you want in a franchise: a tested and powerful concept, specialized and continuous training, and constant monitoring, so that the process is risk-free.
Everything has gone smoothly since the start, which makes us even more motivated to quickly open more centers, after less than a year in business.
For us, the contract has been more than fulfilled!

Paris Hausmann franchisee

Testimonial of Christophe Albert, Paris Haussmann & Paris 14 Franchisee

I didn’t have a calling to become a Depil Tech franchisee. What I was looking for, after 25 years enjoying the comfortable life of a senior executive in various fields, was autonomy, the chance to be an entrepreneur, to work in commerce, and put an end to the internal politics of business… By becoming a franchisee, I got exactly what I wanted and more:

  • support (technical, commercial, architectural, in terms of location) for opening my first center
  • daily support: technical advice (on pulsed light, among other things), recommendations…
  • support in the acquisition of a new center (human resources advice, legal advice, etc.)

I would do it all over again.